Man it has been a while…Though it may not be completely true, I will blame this long wait for a new installment on the departure of Andy. He’s spread pretty thin these days and when your fun hobbies start feeling like chores it’s a good sign to reassess. This is especially true when your fun hobbies involve music. Well I guess now we know who was the host and who was the co-host, haha. Anyways, please excuse me if I ramble on a bit more than usual as I’m not used to flying solo without someone to pull the plug. I fittingly chose “private-press” and “small-press” country records as the theme for my first outing alone. These are records that were usually released in an independant fashion, sometimes even by the artists themselves. I feel in some cases, as with Peter Grudzien and Joe Cannon, you get the sense that they embraced this independance and ran with it. Of course the flip to that are the likes of Ron McFarlin and Steve Dodge, who give the feeling of aiming for stardom but falling just a bit short. Either side though gives us artists working within their means to get their songs out there to be heard. Over the years some of these records have reached cult status and have become very sought after collectibles while others are still just waiting in the bargin bins for a score. These are the kind of records that keep me diggin’ deeper and most of these selections were bought cheap as a gamble solely based upon their DIY looks. Most of the time you turn up a dud but once in a while you turn up a gem. Here are a handful of my favs…

1. Kevin Odegard – .44 (1975/”Silver Lining”)

2. Rick Neufeld – The Song Singer (1973/”Hiway Child”)

3. Peter Grudzien – White Trash Hillbilly Trick (1974/”The Unicorn”)

4. Ron McFarlin – Biden My Time (prob late 70’s/”City Cowboy”)

5. Joe Cannon – For Mama (prob mid 70’s/”City Boy’s Country Dream”)

6. Joe Cannon – Keep The Women Happy (prob mid 70’s/”City Boy’s Country Dream”)

7. Steve Honeycutt – Somewhere In Baltimore (prob late 70’s or early 80’s/”My Kind Of Country”)

8. Steve Dodge – The Way I’m Living (1980/”S/T”)

9. Back Pocket – Lonely Railroad Ties/Interlude (1977/”Buzzard Bait”)



Our apologies for this long overdue installment. We’ll spare the excuses and assuming folks haven’t forgotten about us, hope the wait was worth it. Our inevitable classic country theme this time around is booze. We feel having a few while spinning some country tunes is always best with some company so we invited Andrew’s brother Steve (s)Kerwin along as guest host and drinking partner. Steve has been a fan of both country music and the bottle for quite sometime, probably longer than the two of us despite him being the younger brother. While taking the theme quite literally, we had a lot of fun doing this one. Both are probably apparent as you hear the show roll along. We truly feel a drink is not needed to enjoy these songs (hell, we even got a fella with O’Keefe for a last name singing a tune called “I’m Sober”) but on the other hand it don’t hurt to relate either. Bottoms up, thanks for your patience, and we’ll try to be back sooner than later…

p.s. Due to new rules & regulations that pertain to our host, our shows (including the archives) are not available for download at the moment. We apologize for this inconvenience and plan to remedy the situation asap. In the meantime stream away!

1. Merele Haggard – Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine (off 1979’s “Serving 190 Proof”)

2. Lee Clayton – Lonesome Whiskey (off 1973’s “S/T”)

3. Stonewall Jackson – Booze Plus Booze (Means I Loose) (off 1972’s “The Lonesome In Me”)

4. Joh Prine – Yes I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You (off 1972’s “Diamonds In The Rough”)

5. Sid Linard – The Undertaker’s Gonna Have A Hard Time (Wiping This Smile Off My Face) (off 1976’s “Jukebox Angel”)

6. Jerry Lee Lewis – What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me) (off 1968’s “Another Place Another Time”)

7. Johnny Paycheck – Colorado Cool-Aid (off 1977’s “Take This Job And Shove It”)

8. Michael Hurley – Uncle Bob’s Corner (off 1972’s “Hi-Fi Snock Uptown”)

9. Tom T. Hall – Pay No Attention To Alice (off 1973’s “For The People In The Last Hard Town”)

10. Tex Ritter – Rye Whiskey (1945, taken from a “Best Of…” LP)

11. Danny O’Keefe – I’m Sober Now (off 1972’s “O’Keefe”)

12. Cast King – Faded Rose (off 2005’s “Saw Mill Man”)


For our ninth program we’ve chosen to operate without a theme, meaning that the tracks we’re bringing you this time around are both old favorites and new discoveries.  As a result the show has a little of everything we’ve been bringing you in the past couple of months; the old guard, hipster country rockers, and so on.  Sit back and enjoy.

1.  Josie – Kris Kristofferson (Off 1972’s “Borderlord”)

2.  Less of Me – Everly Brothers (Off 1968’s “Roots”)

3.  The Good Things (That You Are) – Bill Billington (Off 1974’s “Sex, Drugs, And Country Music”)

4.  Moody River – Kitty Wells (Off 1962’s “Queen of Country Music”)

5.  Kaw-Liga – Del Shannon (Off 1964’s “Del Shannon Sings Hank Williams”)

6.  Tribute to Hank Williams – Tim Hardin (Off 1967’s “2”)

7.  Pinto Pony – Paul Siebel (Off 1971’s “Jack Knife Gypsy”)

8.  Running From the Rain – Henson Cargill (Off 1972’s “On The Road”)




Stay tuned for our 10th episode coming soon…here’s a little hint of where we’re going:

Tomorrow night we’ll be spinning some cosmic american classics at the make out room for the casual dolphins/waiting room show.  3225 22nd street, SF, Ca.  Come on down!

Well its been awhile since we posted our last show but we are glad and proud to be back with what we consider a very special program.  This time around we’ve opened the floor for our dear friend, and first guest host, Greg Gardner of Secret Seven Records.  This week Secret Seven will release “Clay Pigeons”, a collection of rare and wonderful Blaze Foley recordings available for the first time on vinyl.  Blaze is an artists we both recently discovered this year, a songwriting ace with a truly heartbreaking story.  For the show we chose a couple of songs off the new record, a version of John Prine doing a Foley tune, and a couple of tributes written and recorded post-humously in Blaze’s honor.  To pat things out Greg brought along a couple of tracks from other Secret Seven releases as well as a personal favorite of his that we think fits right in there with the kind of tracks we’ve been posting all along.  Be sure to check below the track list and sound cloud for a link to Secret Seven Records where you can find the “Clay Pigeons” lp.  We’re exited to say all this happens to be just in time for “Blaze Foley Day”, which was just declared on Nov. 4th in Blaze’s hometown of  Malvern, Arkansas!  Hope you enjoy and we’ll be back with more tunes before you know it…

1.  Oval Room – Blaze Foley (Off 2011’s “Clay Pigeons”)

2.  Clay Pigeons – John Prine (Off 2007’s “Fair and Square”)

3.  If I Could Only Fly – Blaze Foley (Off 2011’s “Clay Pigeons”)

4.  Drunken Angel – Lucinda Williams (Off 1998’s “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road”)

5.  Blaze’s Blues – Townes Van Zandt (Off 1997’s “Documentary”)

6.  Prisoner’s Song – Tiny Tim (Off 2011’s “Lost and Found: 1963-1974”)

7.  Automatic Slim and the Fatboys – Michael Hurley (Off 2011’s “Fatboy Spring”)

8.  Omaha – Don Everly (Off 1970’s “S/T”)



While it may seem that we’ve been neglecting our duties as of late, we promise more shows are on the way. We’ve recently become more concerned about bringing you a technically satisfying show, which boils down to better equipment on our end. It has begun to bother us that certain stereo records are compromised when imported into the “machine”. We’ve lost some tasty pedal steel licks along the way and we can’t have that for crying out loud! We’ve also been slowed down due to other folks’ schedules as we are planning on having a couple guest hosts make an appearance. As we work out our equipment situation and figure out schedules hang tight and enjoy these John Prine videos, showing off both sides of one of our fav songwriters:

I know that it seems like we keep bringing up James Cameron movies on the show but I just watched the Abyss for the first time last night and I thought I would share the best scene with you.  Is Cameron a country fan just like us?



In other news we have been working out the kinks on putting together our first show to be recorded live and to feature a guest host.  Stay tuned, its gonna get loose…..