For our ninth program we’ve chosen to operate without a theme, meaning that the tracks we’re bringing you this time around are both old favorites and new discoveries.  As a result the show has a little of everything we’ve been bringing you in the past couple of months; the old guard, hipster country rockers, and so on.  Sit back and enjoy.

1.  Josie – Kris Kristofferson (Off 1972’s “Borderlord”)

2.  Less of Me – Everly Brothers (Off 1968’s “Roots”)

3.  The Good Things (That You Are) – Bill Billington (Off 1974’s “Sex, Drugs, And Country Music”)

4.  Moody River – Kitty Wells (Off 1962’s “Queen of Country Music”)

5.  Kaw-Liga – Del Shannon (Off 1964’s “Del Shannon Sings Hank Williams”)

6.  Tribute to Hank Williams – Tim Hardin (Off 1967’s “2”)

7.  Pinto Pony – Paul Siebel (Off 1971’s “Jack Knife Gypsy”)

8.  Running From the Rain – Henson Cargill (Off 1972’s “On The Road”)




Stay tuned for our 10th episode coming soon…here’s a little hint of where we’re going: