Our apologies for this long overdue installment. We’ll spare the excuses and assuming folks haven’t forgotten about us, hope the wait was worth it. Our inevitable classic country theme this time around is booze. We feel having a few while spinning some country tunes is always best with some company so we invited Andrew’s brother Steve (s)Kerwin along as guest host and drinking partner. Steve has been a fan of both country music and the bottle for quite sometime, probably longer than the two of us despite him being the younger brother. While taking the theme quite literally, we had a lot of fun doing this one. Both are probably apparent as you hear the show roll along. We truly feel a drink is not needed to enjoy these songs (hell, we even got a fella with O’Keefe for a last name singing a tune called “I’m Sober”) but on the other hand it don’t hurt to relate either. Bottoms up, thanks for your patience, and we’ll try to be back sooner than later…

p.s. Due to new rules & regulations that pertain to our host, our shows (including the archives) are not available for download at the moment. We apologize for this inconvenience and plan to remedy the situation asap. In the meantime stream away!

1. Merele Haggard – Heaven Was A Drink Of Wine (off 1979’s “Serving 190 Proof”)

2. Lee Clayton – Lonesome Whiskey (off 1973’s “S/T”)

3. Stonewall Jackson – Booze Plus Booze (Means I Loose) (off 1972’s “The Lonesome In Me”)

4. Joh Prine – Yes I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You (off 1972’s “Diamonds In The Rough”)

5. Sid Linard – The Undertaker’s Gonna Have A Hard Time (Wiping This Smile Off My Face) (off 1976’s “Jukebox Angel”)

6. Jerry Lee Lewis – What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me) (off 1968’s “Another Place Another Time”)

7. Johnny Paycheck – Colorado Cool-Aid (off 1977’s “Take This Job And Shove It”)

8. Michael Hurley – Uncle Bob’s Corner (off 1972’s “Hi-Fi Snock Uptown”)

9. Tom T. Hall – Pay No Attention To Alice (off 1973’s “For The People In The Last Hard Town”)

10. Tex Ritter – Rye Whiskey (1945, taken from a “Best Of…” LP)

11. Danny O’Keefe – I’m Sober Now (off 1972’s “O’Keefe”)

12. Cast King – Faded Rose (off 2005’s “Saw Mill Man”)