Hello and welcome to Astral Maps.

In many ways this page should serve to track the progress of the nascent developments of what we hope becomes a viable resource for those who share our passion for American country music, particularly for the artists and songwriters of the late sixties and early seventies.  While we are hesitant to make any declarations about dedicating our work, and this site, to exalting a select few artists, we do aim to keep our earliest projects focused on a particular aesthetic and style we love and revere.  There is a cross-section of recorded country music from the late sixties and early seventies that has traditionally fallen within certain tropes of music criticism, frequently labeled as “outlaw country”, “progressive country” or “country singer-songwriter”.  As collectors and fans we have found what we believe to be some of our country’s most beautiful voices, songs, and albums buried deep in the shadows thrown by the genre’s most visible stars.  It is important to us, however, that this project not be understood as a mere genre study.  We hope our project will grow and evolve, with this site functioning as a tool to keep others abreast of our progress.  Because we are particularly concerned with developing resources for those with like minded tastes we aim to ultimately do two things:  To eventually see the re-issuing of some of these records on vinyl on our own label and to provide information regarding these often obscure artists.  Explore and enjoy!